Thursday, November 17, 2011

Endangered Species Of Aquarena Springs

By: Katie Baker

Aquarena Springs’ Spring Lake, the San Marcos River and
Edwards Aquifer are home to eight endangered or threatened animal and plant

The threatened Texas blind salamander and the endangered Texas
wild-rice are among the most well-known species that are found only in the
waters of Aquarena Springs and the upper 4.5 miles of the San Marcos River. The Texas blind salamander lives in the Edwards Aquifer, which is the water source that feeds the springs. The
San Marcos gambusia is a fish which has not been seen in the wild for almost 30
years. The other endangered species are the fountain darter (a fish); Comal
Spring’s riffle beetle, Comal Spring’s dyropid beetle and the Peck's cave

The ecosystem of the upper 4.5 miles of the San Marcos River
is very unique. The United States Fish and Wildlife services and Texas Parks
and Wildlife declare the area a “Critical Habitat.” A “Critical Habitat” is
when there are endangered species living in a given environment then the area
of that species in protected in order to protect the species. Aquarena Springs is dedicated to the
preservation of these species and their habit.

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